Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am dreaming of the mountains of my home

I’ve been thinking about a song which Stan Roberts has performed at concerts. It’s called, I think, “My little Welsh home”. It starts, “I am dreaming of the mountains of my home.
Of the mountains where in childhood I would roam. I have dwelt 'neath southern skies.
Where the summer never dies, But my heart lies in the mountains of my home”
The summer never dies here. Indeed, it’s strange to be in a country without what we know as seasons. Another hot day (31 degrees) here today.

Late on Friday I took the night bus to the fleshpots of Douala in order to ... attend the AGM of the Cameroon Esperanto Association. The meeting was held entirely in that language, and a new chairman and committee were elected. The meeting opened with a lusty rendering of the Esperanto hymn “La Espero”, a practice which has faded away a little in Europe. After the meeting we went to have a drink, and the disagreements of the AGM were forgotten, as people laughed and joked in the sunshine.

As usual, my hosts Victor and Dhome were kind and attentive – maybe too kind, because I was taken to a nightclub until 3pm on Sunday morning, having had no sleep since I got up on Friday morning.

The pictures show Victor Nto Nto, new President of the Esperanto Association of Cameroon and some of those who attended. And I can't help adding one of two children playing in the street in Douala. They do have shoes, but chose not to wear them.


Eriketo said...

La montoj de via hejmo estas kovritaj per neĝo ĉi-semajne! Eĉ neĝis ĉe la ĉefurbo (http://eriketo.blogspot.com/2009/02/la-nego-atingis-nin.html). Ni frostas kaj envias vin la kamerunaj temperaturoj!

lucy said...

Wow dad-well it's all been happening to you while I've been away! While you were out clubbing til 3am I was asleep by 10pm on my 30th birthday!! He he.
Lots of snow down South-all flights were cancelled on 2nd Feb but fortunatly we managed to get home yesterday!

ourman said...

Your Welsh hills song reminds me of Ewan MaColls wonderful "Joy of Living" which is something of a long time sound track to my travels.

It's one of the saddest and happiest songs I've ever heard - written just before his death.

Lyrics here:


Keep on clubbing.

Bill Chapman said...

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and cpmments - by email too. Apartan dankon al vi Eriketo!I shan't make a habit of clubbing. It's alright apart from the loud recorded music and the expensive drinks.

llysmeirion said...

The mountains of your home have been covered in snow this week! They are looking very beautiful.

Joshua said...

Sro Chapman, mi trovis vian blogon hazarde kaj felicxe...Baldaux mi translogxigos al Kameruno el Usono kaj mi vere volus engagigxi al Kameruna Esperanta Asocio. Cxu vi povas doni la detalojn (adreso, telefonnumero, ktp) al mi? Mi estus tre dankema! Bondeziras!
-Josxuo el Usono.