Tuesday, January 13, 2009

All sorts of things

People here certainly work hard, from early morning until nightfall and beyond. Mary, the very competent gardener here at the Baptist Centre uses her evening to sew, by hand beautiful tradional wear, and she has kindly let me wear one.

A new chief in Bamenda!

I’ve come across another language, and bought a diary in it. It’s called Moghamo (or Muywi, Iyirikum, Widekum, Batibo). A number of the languages here have more than one name, to complicate things for anyone interested.

Just a little more about pidgin: When I was asked what I will write as “How for skin?” I thought they were asking about my mosquito bites (increasing in number thank you!). In fact “How for skin” (no jokes, Dafydd Mazda or Lloyd!) means “How are you?” The correct answer, by the way is “Skin de fine”.

The mosquitoes have sent around the drum message that tasty white meat is available, so my skin's far from fine. I’ve been bitten quite a few times – I won’t say where! It might help if I close the windows at night.

This morning I visited three development organisations all around Bamenda. They all have flat structures, and work hard at encouraging local organisations to work in partnership for the common good. The issue of good governance has arisen again. This society has some internal splits, such as tribal loyalties to overcome.


llysmeirion said...
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juliet said...

Thankyou so much for the link Bill,this is fascinating.The photo's are glorious.I'm sure you and the people you are helping will both gain so much from your stay there.