Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last day in Yaoundé

The wildlife here is stunning. Yesterday and today I’ve seen lizards running back and forth. I’ve seen large yellow butterflies with black spots too – nothing like we have at home, and we would not have them in January,
I’ve been talking to anyone who is willing to talk to me – that’s people selling, working in restaurants, VSO staff. No one has told me to mind my own business – amazingly – and people have been courteous and helpful. These conversations have n given some insights into what lies behind the current situation here, in addition to what I have heard and read from previous volunteers.
A briefing by today by VSO staff has made things even clearer. This is a country rich in natural resources, but there is a very weak civil society, and the people are too busy surviving to demand good governance and an end to corruption.

Alproksimiĝas la fino de mia restado en Yaoundé, ĉefurbo de Kamereno. Hodiaŭ mi ekveturos al Bamenda, en la nordokcidenta province de ĉi tiu geografie granda lando.

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