Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mankon and Mount Carmel

I've had my hair cut at a ‘Barbing Salon’ – I suppose that barbing is what a barber does.

I’m determined to see a little of the country while I am here. Yesterday I travelled out to the palace at Mankon. A sort of nation-state, Mankon has a clearly defined territory, a population (of various origins) organized into clans and political lineages, perfectly defined institutions and once had a military force directed by a sacred sovereign, the fon (chief, king).

I and a Dutch lady were shown around by Vincent, a son of the Fon. Vincent is a teacher of French, but also acts as curator of the museum. The museum was built and arranged by an Italian organisation, but no one is updating it now, or working on preserving exhibits. It’s that issue of sustainability again.

Back to Mount Carmel Baptist Church again today. I got a really warm welcome - as if I'm a regular! Again, the singing was absolutely delightful. The church is in the shadow of a mosque which is beginning to dominate Old Town.
The images here are, from the top:
1. Mosque going up above the Old Town, Bamenda
2. Barbing salon
3. Mankon
4. Wearing an ingenious contraption to keep the sun off while leaving the hands free


lucy said...

Dad, Please don't tell me you've been walking round with that contraption on your head! No wonder you're scaring little children!!

Sara said...

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