Monday, January 12, 2009

Pictures, and more pictures

It has occurred to me that my regular readers won't want to read about strategies and plans, and overcoming resistance to change, so I thought I would send a few pictures instead. From top to bottom you can see:
  • The son of the Fon of Bafut with a stone used in tribal ceremonies, but I think it's a recycled megalith
  • Me outside a ceremonial building at the Fon's palace
  • Smoke from rubbish fires rising above Bamenda
  • Desiree outside the headquarters of development body NWADO. Desiree has accompanied me on my visits. She laughs and thinks I'm joking when I say that Desiree is a type of potato in Britain
  • Dancing and singing in the Baptist church, with naive image behind


lucy said...

Very intresting photos-as always!

llysmeirion said...

Nice to see you in one of the photos! Sounds like you're having a very interesting time.

sec said...

The photos are great but it's interesting to read about your work as well. Training strategies might be very dull at home but it's fascinating hearing about your work there.