Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Visit to Babessi

Yesterday (Wednesday) I went with my trusty girl Friday (Desiree) on a long trip to the council in Babessi, some 75 kilometres away. The road was a difficult one. It took three taxis and 3½ hours to get there from Bamenda. I’ve written before about the unique public transport system here. Two of the three taxis had broken windscreens and needed to be bump-started. The Cameroonians take all of this in their stride. Indeed, it could be argued that taxis of this type offer a solution to complex journeys at limited cost. The last part of the journey is on bumpy, unasphalted road, and the car windows have to be kept shut because of the choking red dust.

The Mayor of Babessi wants me to find some second-hand road-making equipment. They need a grader and a front loader. They’re willing to pay shipping costs and could collect from the port of Douala. Ideas, anyone?

I’ve tried to avoid too much detail about what I’m doing here, because I know that some people’s eyes glaze over when I talk about SWOT analysis or STEP. I know, I know, but these are useful tools in analysing where an organisation stands. This journey was the last of my information gathering visits linked to the management of change. I’m now trying to put together a report which will inform (I know, jargon again) the training course due to take place on 3rd February.

The journey was through some beautiful mountainous countryside. It’s volcanic rock, I think, although Graham Potts may know better. There are resemblances here to Snowdonia. There is almost no tourist industry here. I’m sure people would pay to visit these beautiful mountains to look at the wildlife – I saw some large birds of prey yesterday.

The pictures here are of the countryside between Ndop and Babessi.

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